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Milspec Monkey's "Retracto-plugs" on ITS


If case you missed it, this appeared the other day on ITS Tactical.

"...Mil-Spec Monkey has introduced a new product based on the integrated ear-pro featured in the CoolGuy-Hat DLUX, called Retracto-Plugs. If you remember our review of the CG Hat DLUX, it has retractable ear plugs built right into the hat, so you’ve always got hearing protection at the ready. These also retract right back into their housing with a simple press of a button.

Retracto-plugs from MSM; picture courtesy of ITS Tactical.

Utilizing this same principle, the MSM Retracto-Plugs offer the same retractable lanyard ear-pro with the addition of hook and loop, so you can mount them in any helmet you wish. You can even hot-swap them between helmets, as each set comes with two sets of hook and loop adhesive dots..."

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