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Long Gun Course of a Lifetime?

Here's a gathering of professionals you're going to want to know about if you have the slightest interest at all in ballistic surgery and long distance threat elimination.

Advanced Long Range Shooting American International Marksmanship Academy. Hosted by Jim Gilliland's Shadow 6 and Steve Reichert's LRS.

15 to 19 October, Blakely GA.

The instructors?

Jim Gilliland, an Army sniper who put an insurgent down in Iraq  with a 7.62mm rifle at a range of 1,250 m.

Steve Reichert, a Marine sniper who killed an insurgent at over a mile with a .50 rifle

Robert Furlong, a Canadian Army sniper who put a Taliban target down also at over a mile (2,430 m) with a .50.

$2K is the cost and includes lodging and meals.

More info to follow. Contact for information or to register for what might be the long gun course of a lifetime.



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