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Kolbeson Leatherworks: new holster designs all the time


Molded kydex gear is all the rage. Kit Up! has  featured some of the more prominent manufacturers here. However, some of our readership (and some of the Kit Up staffers) still prefer a holster made from the skin of something that had a parent. To that end we remind you of Kolbeson Leatherworks. Josh is a damn genius, and in addition to introducing new kit periodically (like the Humpback Pocket Mag Carrier) he periodically runs a sale on whatever he has laying around - he is, in fact, running such a sale now on Facebook.

Concealed carry, open carry or just something you want to put on a battle belt for those occasions you go to the range, you would be wise to heed us and take a look at Kolbeson Leatherworks.

Kolbeson Shield gear; T-2 holster with body guard and Orka pocket mag.


Work in progress: the "bastard lovechild" of a Sparks 60TK and Tucker HF2 holster.


For more background, go back to the article in which we first introduced KL. We'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate two of the Mad Duo team of 1:1 scale handlers and writers. One of them was recently promoted to Sergeant in the State Police (the 2nd time he held this rank--the first time was in the Marine Corps) and is now teaching both at their basic academy and SWAT schools. The other one, recently retired after over 20 years military service, just graduated the police academy as oldest (and only prior Army) recruit in the class. Congratulations and be careful out there fellas.

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