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Finally! The RCS Vanguard 2 is available.

Raven Concealment Systems has announced they're officially launching the VanGuard 2 Minimalist Holster (here's a video explaining the Vanguard 2 I took back at SHOT, from a Soldier Systems article). They'll be taking pre-orders starting 04 JUL 12 and will be offering free shipping. The pre-order sale will run 04 JUL through 27 JUL, and orders will ship on 30 JUL. Price is $34.99.

Before you get all riled up about it: it's not designed to carry on duty and I know it's not something you could reholster easily under stress. I'd answer that by reminding you that it's not designed to reholster easily under stress. They actually recommend you take the holster off your belt, attach it to the weapon, then 'reholster'.

The Vanguard 2 will only be available for the  Glock 9/.40/.357 Sig frame pistols (Gen 3 and Gen 4) initially. RCS is aware that other models are desired and are working on it.

RCS advises, "This represents the culmination of nearly three years of development, testing, refinement, testing, testing, testing, and finally this launch. Once we have this one on the market, we can evaluate which pistol(s) we will make them for next. Let's face it: it's a Glock world."

 More information here.

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