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Another soapbox harangue about SOF...and dancing soldiers


Apparently experts are telling us that SOF troops need to get away from direct action missions and back to FID.

"What is clear to me is that SOCOM should do a much better job than it has been doing on the institutional side . . . that is where long-term strategic impact comes," Linda Robinson, an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations..."SOCOM and SOF have accomplished some amazing things over the past decade, but there has been something of an operator mentality...I think it is now time for SOF to rebalance from this largely tactical and operational focus to concern itself more with the institutional development of SOF..."

Wow, that is brilliant. We hope she gets paid a lot of money for exercising her big brain and cool pedigree, especially if the money comes from the defense budget. All things being equal, that was some of the most poignant and striking testimony we've read (a more thorough analysis here).

So the Council on Foreign Relations is telling us we might ought to shift SOF focus...thank God for her input, but time for that later. Look. Dancing soldiers.

A non sequitur? Sure. But pundits and talking heads make us want to throat punch do those who take something any number of seasoned operators (especially SNCOs) could tell you (for a fraction of the cost) and make a talking point for some politician out of it. Or, maybe these hangovers and blue balls are making us cranky.

Still...dancing soldiers.

Mad Duo Clear.

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