D.A.R.K. Mk 2 Now Available


I had the chance to meet up with Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis and his lovely wife Lynn (also a medic and the brains of the outfit) over the weekend and took the opportunity to corner him about the new D.A.R.K. pouch they've released. (The original Direct Action Response Kit was covered a while back, if you want some more background.) Kerry is the author of The Missing Link: Medical Training for Shooters and a number of other articles dealing with trauma and exigent medical issues.

This is Pocket Doc explaining the new and improved D.A.R.K.  Prepare to be underwhelmed by my video editing skills.


The original D.A.R.K. was named one of the 'Best at SHOT' this year.

Learn more at Dark Angel Medical. If you go looking for the website, use that hyperlink or put medical after 'darkangel' otherwise you'll wind up on a very different site indeed.

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