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Combat K9 Dog Collar in MultiCam


This is Rocco. Rocco likes his dog collar from Combat K9 in Multi-Cam. Rocco is a bad ass who gets all the bitches (literally). He wears only the tacticoolest kit. Yes, even MWDs, police canines and other working dogs know tacticool when they see it. Described as "the strongest, toughest, and longest lasting dog collar on the market," it is rated to hold up to 900lbs, will adjust from 19" to 31", has a stainless steel metal buckle. They have a lifetime guarantee and are made in the USA.

The MC version isn't on the website yet...not sure why that is. Ask about it at info(at)

You might also look around at Warrior Expo East, if you're lucky enough to be there. Combat K9 might be wandering around there.

Cave Canem.

Rocco has no time for your foolishness. Rocco knows how damn good he looks.Rocco shows off his collar from Combat K9.

Rocco shows off his collar from Combat K9.

Combat K9 On Line.

We're the Mad Duo and we approve this message. Plus we like dogs better than most people.

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