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Blue Force Gear's MOLLEminus


BFG's "Blue Force Brittney" showing off the first piece of MOLLEminus's a chest rig that weighs in at about half a pound .

MOLLEminus is the newest piece of LBE technology from Blue Force Gear. According to ‘Blue Force Brittney’ it is, “MOLLE minus the weight, MOLLE minus the bulk, MOLLE minus the complexity.  MOLLEminus is the thinnest, strongest, lightest modular load carriage standard on the market: half the thickness of a dime, over 4 times as abrasion resistant as air textured nylon and formed from a single piece of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp™.” (See below.)

MOLLEminus supports all existing MOLLE/PALS modular kit (including, of course, their Helium Whisper line), so end users can either run their basic platform light or go ahead and build an entirely new platform.

Today attendees at Warrior East (the latest of the ADS Warrior Expos) are seeing the RACKminus, a modular chest rig that weighs just half of a loaded M4 magazine. RACKminus can be mounted to most MOLLE armor carriers (standing by for clarification on which ones it will/won’t work with). It features mesh lined shoulder straps and routing paths for commo wires, hydrationtubes, etc.

Because of BFG’s ULTRAcomp (their proprietary laminate), all MOLLEminus kit has antifungal features as well as tear and abrasion resistance. It will also resist soaking up water in the operational environment, thereby avoiding chafing, irritation and infection (and of course the sort of weight gain that makes old cotton TA-50 so beloved of grunts in the field).

Kit Up! picture of the RACKminus chest rig from Blue Force Gear's MOLLEminus line.

Kit Up! The RACKminus from Blue Force Gear

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