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Ares Gear Inner Duty Belt (LE)


The Ares Gear "Duty Belt, LE (Inner) is now available. Says Ares Gear, "Now we have a best as stiff as a Ranger Belt but with no buckle, so that it can be worn underneath a duty belt without the added bulk of the Cobra buckle."

Retailing for $49.99, the new Inner LE Duty Belt is made to be worn as an inner belt with a LEO type duty rig. It's made of 2 layers of 1.5" scuba webbing with hook or loop on the outside so it can be mated with a duty belt. It overlaps in front and is  is secured with double straps of hook and loop.

Available from 28" to 44" waist. More at the Ares Gear website.

The belts pictured here are a "Duty Belt, LE (INNER)" with hook tape along the outside, resting on a "Duty Belt, LE (OUTER)" in Coyote, with a Coyote buckle, with loop tape along the inside.

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