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10-8 Performance India Build for 1911


The 10-8 Performance Blog runs many interesting articles. We thought those of you who enjoy the 1911 breed of pistol might like a look at the latest in the 10-8 Performance Alphaphonetic Call Sign Series.

"The latest pistol off my bench is a very interesting amalgam of my past and present. India is the ninth build in my current alphaphonetic call sign series...This pistol started with a Chip McCormick Corporation (CMC) frame that I had languishing in the safe from another project. Back around 2000-2002 or so, CMC sold slide and frame kits. The frames were awesome, and made great platforms for builds. They unfortunately were discontinued after only a couple years of production. I had squirreled away a few of them, and this one had originally been filled out with some spare parts to run a Kimber Series II external extractor slide. Needless to say, that experiment was short and ended in rather miserable failure. The frame then sat unused and partially completed in my safe before I pulled it out last year for setting up a .22 conversion kit training gun. I topped the frame with a Marvel Unit 2 conversion kit and completed the work on the frame to create a near duplicate to my Echo 1911. The Marvel kit failed to meet my expectations for reliability and accuracy, and ended up being put aside. After I recently sold Echo, I dug out the frame, updated it yet again, and topped it off with a .45 caliber top end..."

The build list includes a lot, including: CMC forged chrome moly frame, thumb safety, disconnector, grip safety and bobbed spur hamner; 10-8 mag well, scoop grips, Echo Series slide, and stainless barrel; Aftec extractor; Checkered trigger guard, and more.

Read the original article for full details (you'll enjoy it if you enjoy a well built pistol) and be sure to check out the other builds they have on there.

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