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Wild Things Tactical and Airborne Systems go HAHO

Wild Things Tactical and Airborne Systems have allied to develop a new HAHO suit for the U.S. Military. They've been working with the Army’s Free Fall School at the proving grounds, and the first prototypes have been jumped in various scenarios with outstanding reviews. Airborne Systems is leveraging their background and knowledge of matters Airborne to develop this system with Wild Thing Tactical’s operationally proven cold weather clothing systems to bring the new piece of HAHO kit to the U.S. and various NATO militaries.

We'll provide video and additional information if and when it becomes available.

Attached is a picture of some of the first jumpers using this system in its one piece form. Look for various versions in the upcoming months. Contact Vic Ramos, Director of Military Sales for WTT at or CMSgt Rick Arnold, USAF (Ret), Business Development for any additional information.

Kit Up! 10TH Group jumpers testing the new HAHO kit from Wild Things Tactical and Airborne Systems.

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