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Warrior South: Yates Cobra CQB Belts



You may have heard already that a couple of our flunkies attended Warrior South. This is true. If you heard they went to jail, you heard wrong, though two of them were thrown out of an upscale San Antonio club called XTC about 0400 the first night of the show.

But we digress.

As we were leaving the Yates booth at Warrior South to look for the beer cart, we saw a wall of cobra rigger’s belts that caught our eye. We see belts all the time, and there are a lot of rigger’s belts and cobra belts out there. Mr. Yates, however, does things a little bit different than everyone else. He does not f#(& around. He puts his equipment through extremely harsh and extensive testing phases before allowing pipe-hitting mofos like us to strap one on and go to work. All of his lanyards, rigs and belts are put through rigorous torture tests to measure strength, breaking points and overall capacity of what each piece of gear can withstand before shitting the bed.

That said, there’s might be one Tuesday afternoon B Squad 300+ lb. stripper on the road somewhere Slim took for the team sometime who could snap one of these babies. Probably not, but as we try to remember, we’ll give you the rundown on these monsters.

Monsters as in belts, not….ok, anyway.

If you aren't already familiar with them, Yates has been around since 1982. They got their start with mountaineering and rock climbing equipment manufacture before venturing into technical rescue, rigging, mountain rescue and (though many don't know it) SOF endeavors.  Their gear is third-party tested and classified using Underwriters Laboratory and - for those of you who understand this - they're certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management. We have no idea what that is, but everyone we know in the Berry Compliant manufacturing industry acts like it's a Good Thing. John Yates is an extremely knowledgeable guy who is passionate about what he builds, and his XO Fernando (not sure what his real rank is), well...he's just dead sexy with that accent.

The Yates Cobra CQB Belts are available in 1.75” and 1.5” widths for duty wear or EDC variations. Two layers of the all-important Type 13 webbing add rigidity where needed and double the strength of the belt. They’re available in Black, Terra and Foliage and in waist sizes from 30” to 44” and everything in between.I It uses a Mil Spec Cobra quick disconnect buckle, has a front V ring for an attachment point and hook-and-loop all the way around to secure tail ebbing. In belt configuration it's rated to support 18 tons* (which is a lot of exotic dancer if there's just the one, but that's the way Slim like 'em, and so we're clear that's an intentional exaggeration).


Note: they’re only sold to Military, Law Enforcement, Rescue and First Responder types, so no hippies can jump on their website and order up a belt to attach a pouch full of treebark jerky made from Jerry Garcia’s beard hair while holding up their hemp-woven pants. Not on our watch.

Get yours over at

EDIT: You can always get the belt (and anything else we cover from Warrior South) from ADS, the guys who invited all of us there. Any Warrior South brand we write about can be found in the ADS main menu except ITW...pretty sure ADS sources those through Tactical Tailor.

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*Actually, it's 3,600 lbf (16KN), but 18 tons sounds better.

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