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Warrior South: ITW Fastmags for 7.62 x 39


FastMags from ITWare a familiar site to most shooters. I've personally seen them on rigs ranging from line grunts and light/recce guys to SWAT operators from several large cities. There are FastMags for pistol magazines, AR magazines and most recently (the FastMag Heavy) for AR10s and .308 magazines. One thing they haven't had is a FastMag for the standard AK magazine; that has now changed, and you'll be able to purchase one (or ten) within just a few months.

The FastMag Gen III in use.


I met up with Jon Burrow of ITW (Illinois Tool Works) at Warrior South last week and he gave me the lowdown on the forthcoming magazine. Again, forgive the video quality. I'd been out the night before with some troopers from 1-8 Cav and found myself woefully outclassed when it came to adult beverages, hence I was a little shaky.


ITW Military Products hardware, components and products are made with high-impact resistant polymers with anti-frag properties (i.e. FastMag), made with "GhillieTEX I.R." Signature Reduction Technology.

You can find ITW on Facebook here, and follow ADS Inc. here. Oh, and a quick thank you to Tactical Tailor (which has a new Facebook page) for letting us set up and monopolize their show area while I talked to Jon.

FastMags on the set of the last Transformers movie.

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