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Warrior South: Tactical Tailor's Fight Light Plate Carrier

TacTailor personnel explaining their Plate Carrier.

The Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier is significantly lighter (30% lighter) than many other PCs on the market and it's extremely comfortable (comfortable here being a relative term of course). It was made by combining “outdoor industy fabrics” with traditional military fabrics to lighten the load without sacrificing durability. It was designed from athletic perspective rather than just a typical military load-bearing perspective in order to improve fit and wear, particularly over the long term. It’s adjustable for body type rather than just size, and it’s made so you can get them out of the armor for medical treatment without ruining it. A molded foam backing on the interior allows for air circulation to reduce heat retention as well as providing some blunt trauma perspective. It's currently available in coy, blk, multi-cam and will soon be available in A-TACs and Ranger Green.




Tactical Tailor's website is here, they are on Facebook of course and you can always purchase their kit from the ADS Inc. website. They have an online catalog or you can shop by brand for Tactical Tailor.




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