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Summer Kit: Tactical Grilling Load-Out


Cook outside with flames, not inside with magic.

I should've broadcast this before Father's Day...however, it's still early enough in the summer to justify it, right? Tactical Grilling has MultiCam and UCP pattern BBQ aprons back in stock (along with several other patterns, of course). The TGA (Tactical Grilling Apron) is made of 1000D Cordura and sports three rows of MOLLE/PALS modular attachment points across the waist as well as two on the chest. This allows you to mount utensil deployment points, beer magazine pouches, a holster or small fire extinguisher...pretty much whatever you might need for patio deployment.

Note: each TGA kit comes with the Tactical Beer Shingle. As their website puts it,  "Grilling the old way, without a Tactical Beer Shingle on your Tactical Grilling Apron, is like going to the range without ammo, bringing a knife to a gunfight, or spitting into the wind: it just doesn’t make sense."

It also comes with a Tactical Spatula Sheath. Both the Spatula Sheath and Beer Shingle can be cross-loaded onto your plate-carrier if need be.

Order one on line here, or go like them on Facebook and tell them Kit Up sent you.

Gorilla, Hodad, Panini Pete, Stretch from Grinders, KC, and the crew sporting Tactical Grilling Aprons.

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