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Another Polymer Mag Goes up against PMAG


PARIS -- CAA Tactical official say their new Indicative Magazine is a better value than the highly successful PMAG, made by Magpul Industries. I'm not trying to start any trouble. I just love the sense of competition at shows like Eurosatory 12. Most weapons and gear manufacturers won't come out and say they think they are better than the other guy, but the message always comes across loud and clear.

Anyway, back to CAA Tactical's new mag. The indicative mag features a round-count window, similar to the PMAG, but CAA's is toward the front of the mag rather than the rear. They have also added a white button on the bottom of the new mag that is supposed to pop up when its full. Since mags are carried base-plate up, CAA officials say this feature will let the operator know which mags are full inside their mag pouches by sight or touch. (Good idea or unneeded? You be the judge.)

Right now CAA's mags only come in black and retail for about $16, which may be slightly cheaper than Magpul's version. CAA has been making polymer magazines for close to two years now. Magpul has been doing it since 2007 and has developed a combat-proven reputation. I have no idea which is better, but it seems like it would be a lot easier to follow the other guy's innovation than it is create your own. Just sayin.

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