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Warrior South: ITW Modular Pic Rail Mount


Yesterday I showed you the new 7.62 x 39 FastMag that's coming out. Today we'll look at another new piece of ITW kit seen at ADS Inc.'s Warrior South Expo; their modular picatinney rail platform. It's made to 'weave' into MOLLE platforms and provide a 3RD party Pic rail mount for gear you may not want attached all the time (they use the specific examples of a pistol-mounted light and some sort of incident camera like a GoPro). Explained for your edification by Jon Burrow of ITW, who as some of you may know is one of those guys that should never be allowed to take personality enhancing medications.



You can find ITW on Facebook here, and follow ADS Inc. here. Oh, and a quick thank you to Tactical Tailor (which has a new Facebook page) for letting us set up and monopolize their show area while I talked to Jon.

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