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Israel's New Grenade Launcher


PARIS — Israel Weapon Industries showed off its new 40mm grenade launcher here at Eurosatory 12. The GL 40 opens with a thumb latch that’s similar to the old M203 grenade launcher. But once the  barrel is pushed forward, the breech swings out to the left side to accommodate longer 40mm rounds.

As with most of IWI’s products, the GL 40 was developed with the Israel Defense Forces feedback.  The single-shot launcher weighs about 3 pounds and is made of a reenforced polymer. IWI officials had the GL 40 mounted onto versions of the Tavor assault rifle, but it can be mounted on most weapons that are equipped with a rail system. It can also be fired in the stand-alone mode.

“Our new grenade launchers are the result of conclusions drawn from existing launchers – and the needs that arose from the field for a launcher that was easy to use and disassemble by the individual soldier,"according to IWI CEO Uri Amit. "It's lightweight and high performance – ensuring highly accurate firing."

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