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Fight and Flight K9 Rig

This should make the human members of the Red Rocket Brigade happy. Fight and Flight Tactical has redesigned their K9 patrol harness (the one for the dog, not the handler). They're asking for feedback from K9 handlers on their Facebook page.

Specs: * Redesigned retention system using principles used in parachute and rappelling harnesses * Replaced 1" V-rings with 1.75" V-rings for faster lead engagement * Carry handles now circumnavigate the backstrap * New Skidplate belly piece has a pocket for cold packs, for those hot days on patrol * Will be available soon with either Cobra buckles and metal adjusters or plastic buckles and adjusters (for those on a budget)

Note: the versions with Cobra buckles will have all metal hardware for those handlers who need to rappell with their dog or have one so damn mean it needs to be sling-loaded. The hook-and-loop on top is for mounting sensors, cameras and other accessories though it will also obviously hold a morale patch or perhaps a Velcro-lined beer coozie.

The one featured in these pictures is for a medium sized dog; they don't currently make gear for dawgs under 45lbs. If you need a custom rig built, you should contact them with measurements of the following: Top of the shoulders to the base of the tail, chest circumference, belly circumference right behind the ribcage (like where the straps are), and chest to the back of the ribcage (straight line, not around the body).

Fight and Flight advises feline lovers that cats will fit in this exact same ring. Just insert them into the slobbery pink opening on the sharp end.

Mad Duo Clear











Close-up of the Skidplate... what do you guys think, all mesh, or mesh and fabric (shown in mesh and fabric). All mesh would catch mud and debris easier, but would be more ventilated when not using a cold pack. Fabric and mesh would be more durable and less likely to pick up debris. (Fight and Flight Tactical)

The Mad Duo homage to MWD and LE memory of Titan, Nemo and others.

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