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Father's Day: Sound off please

So I've been talking to the nice ladies over at Spouse Buzz, and it occurs to me I could use Kit Up as a force multiplier for myself and other dads on Father's Day. Jacey and I thought it might be a good idea for you guys to post some information on what you or others like you might enjoy as a gift. Not that socks, ties and cardigan sweaters aren't awesome, but why not get a Multitasker or a set of custom Slag grips for your 1911 if it's possible? Maybe momma just needs a little guidance, and hopefully the editors over there will direct some traffic this way (you could also just send a link to the Residential Sergeant Major after it has a few hours to build up some momentum).

Here's what I propose, though I'm open to other suggestions. Suggest a single item per reply (as many replies as you want) with a price category, brief description and a couple of different places to get it! The latter is important. Remember in many cases we are talking about someone who may not be tactically proficient or in the loop, so be specific.

Category 1: $20 or less

Category 2: $20 - $50

Category 3: $50 to $100

Category 4: $100-$200

Category 5: $200-$500

Category 6: $500 +


For instance, I might put the following,

Cat. 2 // "Tactical vehicle visor in black", available on line at

Cat. 2 // Morale patch panel (only one color available), on line at

Or I might even do this (however unlikely it might be).

Cat. 6 // Ltd. Edition Leopard3 Tank Barrel Steel fixed blade knife from Gaston Glock. $1,390.00 retail. Available on-line at:

Hopefully this makes sense to you guys and you can contribute. Oh, and remember: it's okay to let her know you'll settle for the receipt and invoice in a greeting card in lieu of the actual item if it's too late to get it here by Sunday...

...preferably delivered while wearing something particularly appealing, accompanied by a bottle of single malt scotch and a can of whipped cream.

Cleavage and booze is so rarely a Bad Thing.

That's all I've got. Go forth and conquer.

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