H&K's New Machine Gun



Paris -- Heckler & Koch displayed its new HK 121 MG here at Eurosatory 12. It's a 7.62mm version of  its MG4 light MG. The HK 121 comes on the heals of Israel Weapon Industries release of its NG7 7.62mm Negev LMG.

It's hard to tell much about it from the show floor, except that the HK 121 weighs in at approximately 24 pounds, which is a noticeable seven pounds heavier than the NG7. It's also six pounds heavier than FN's MK 48 LMG.

Oh well, it weighs slightly less than the Germany Army's MG3, the MG H&K officials hope to replace with the 121. It  has a cyclic rate 600 to 800 rounds per minute. Like the MG4, its stock folds to the left side of the weapon.

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