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CamelBak "All Clear" UV Water Purification Kit

CamelBak put out a video about their "All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier" last month and somehow I missed it, so here it is late.

All Clear is a portable purification system built into the actual CamelBak water bottle that provides purified water in about one minute. You can fill it from a pond, a handy swamp, or even one of those streams that flows away from the COP...though personally I don't know that I'd trust the UV to make that sort of libation safe. According to CamelBak, the All Clear reduces bacteria 99.9999%, virus 99.99%, Protozoa 99.9% and it will last 10,000 cycles. The description doesn't mention particulate matter, though, you'll still need to filter the silty/moss/gritty stuff out before putting it in the bottle (unless you just like the texture).

No word on how it affects taste and I haven't tried it myself.  I'm guessing depending on your water source you still run the risk of getting that delicate bouquet of distilled ass sweat.

Beats getting dehydrated though.


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