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BHI's AKARS; optics mount for AKs


Parabellum Armament is offering the AK Adaptive Rail System (AKARS) through Blackheart International. It's a hinged, four-point mounting platform for AK47 weapon optics with an integrated rail adapter and single-piece Pic rail/rear sight assembly and attachment hardware. The hinge design allows the user to lift the entire AKARS assembly away from the receiver for cleaning or maintenance without altering zero.

BHI says, "The AK47 rifle and its variants have never been "friendly" to users looking to improve accuracy via optical sighting systems. The problem rests with the AK's receiver cover design, which does not provide for a solid mounting solution for conventional optics. Many optic mounting systems have been developed for the AK over the years that allows for installation of an optic on or adjacent to the receiver cover (the ergonomically ideal position for an optic system), but such inherent problems as sight instability, receiver access and the inability to utilize the OEM iron sights as a backup have made AK optics as much a novelty as a reliable solution for improving shooting accuracy."

The AKARS is available at

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