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Best/Worst War Movies of all Time: Weekend Discussion


What are your most/least favorite movies of all time? Go.

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The Odd Angry Shot: one of the best Vietnam movies ever made.


The criteria for what makes a good war movie varies from moviegoer to moviegoer. The most critical watchers (of military movies at least) are almost always military personnel. Whether it's pointing out an optic mounted backwards or ridicule of a thermobaric frag, nobody is harder on doorkickers on the big screen than doorkickers in real life. So, what's your opinion? What's are the best and worst war flicks you've seen? We can divide into feature films vs. documentaries, domestic vs. foreign, however you want. Just wondering what you think. What is a really good military movie you don't think many of us have hear of?

Myself, one of my favorites has always been A Bridge Too Far, though it's hard to pick between that, All Quiet on the Western Front and The Longest Day. It has an incredible cast, is about a centenary event in modern American military history, and (not least important) I watched it the first time alongside my dad and Great Grandfather Jim, who was an infantryman in France in WWI. The latter fact probably skews my opinion of course, but that's okay.


I'm not a huge fan of movies where I have to read, and I'm even less fond of something filmed in France, but this was a surprisingly good movie that hasn't received a lot of attention here in the US. This is one that a lot of guys have never even heard of.


When it comes to documentaries, I don't know that you can beat Restrepo, though Armadillo and Bravo's Deadly Mission are both outstanding.


As for others...when it comes to movies of modern warfare, I enjoy Tears of the Sun as a movie that portrays our military in an unequivocally positive light, but I can only stand to watch Hurt Locker if I'm not really paying attention to it. The movie I like the least (when it comes to movies that take themselves seriously), I would rather be throat-punched than watch A Thin Red Line.

What do you guys think?


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