Kit Up!

Afghan National Army Commando Selection

Kit Up! ANASF Personnel in on patrol in Hyderbad, Helmand Province.

For unlawful carnage knowledge of a football, by a monkey...

Maybe it's a little harsh, but that's what we think of when watch parts of the video below:


This is better, but we still wonder. Why such a wide dichotomy between units? Why are some of them combat effective and others a soup sandwich? Different trainers? Different training regimens?  Different tribes? Our understanding is that on  paper an ANA Commando must have three years in uniform before being able to attempt ANA SF Selection at the Commando School of Excellence in Kabul province.

Anyway, we'll give 'em credit for having the stones to try.



Note: before we come across too insensitive, we know there are motivated and dedicated ANA personnel fighting alongside our troops, many of them being wounded or killed. It's just really hard to look past the ones who've turned on us, or the ones who train like spastic camouflaged clowns, to see them. We do respect the ones with the intestinal fortitude and testicular mass to hang it out there with our guys.

Kit Up! ANA personnel and Marines carry a wounded Afghan soldier to a CASEVAC bird.

Kit Up! A wounded ANA soldier after CASEVAC.


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