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ADS Inc. "Warrior South" Warrior Expo

I was able to attend the ADS Inc. "Warrior South" Warrior Expo last week on behalf of Kit Up! thanks to, ADS Inc. and Grey Ghost Gear.

First, a few words from Sarah, who hooked us up with a smile and a cameo appearance to get things started.


Organizations represented at Warrior South ran the gamut of manufacturers, from individual tactical gear suitable for direct action missions to huge expeditionary warfare kits built to allow Seabees and Engineers to roll up and throw up a COP or a FOB in a minimum amount of time.

Thanks to Nick Hoffman and the ADS Inc. crew for the invitation and the red carpet treatment, and a nod to the "sponsors" that allowed me to attend.

I'd also like to thank the guys from the Mad Duo handler crew coming in from Ft. Hood and Austin (at their own expense, I might add) to help me out.

We were introduced to a lot of new gear and technology, which I'll share with you over the next few days. More to follow.

Here are a few shots of what it looked like starting out in the morning.

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