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ND vs. AD, and why you should avoid being "that guy"


A couple of points here. First, I don't believe in ADs. Putting Accidental in front of Discharge is a complete misnomer. It's possible to accidentally crack off the round, but I have a hard time imagining the circumstances. Putting Negligent in front of Discharge is much more appropriate. Believe me, I know.

Poor weapon handling: one distraction away, and that's with good training.

Next - I'm a Glock guy. This isn't some sort of anti-Glock propaganda. I think if you're going to treat your weapon like a classic car you get a 1911. If you're going to treat it like a weedeater you sometimes leave it out in the rain, you get a Glock. There are other considerations, but those are mine.

Regardless of your preference in weapon, proper training is paramount. One thing I don't like about CCW programs in many states are the testing procedures. Pretty much as long as you can persuade the bullets to exit the barrel and go in the general vicinity of the berm, you're good to go. Maintaining that sort of proficiency level is just asking for trouble.

Don't be That Guy (Weaponsman)

Negligent discharges can hurt innocents. Or they can reinforce to the gun operator that vigilance is necessary, and negligence is costly. This is one of the latter ones, and we can laugh about it because the guy's going to live, although he's going to be explaining an odd pair of matching scars to, er, intimate partners from here on out. Yeah, it wasn't his foot he shot a hole in.

The Michigan HVAC worker was fiddling with his Glock on company time when he touched his Glock off and nearly shot his [rhyming obscenity] off. The round penetrated his procreative organ and exited the other side. Good thing he wasn't loaded with Glaser Safety Slugs.

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