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Tier One Wild promo updated; no more WWP


EDIT: Have spoken with the author again. This is not just for liking that book, i.e. it's not just about Tier One Wild, it's also for Black Site, and in all forms: hard cover, soft cover, ebook, audiobook (good for my brothers who make dead people out of live ones but don't read so good), Kindle, Nook, etc. There is no official name for it yet, so for now we will be referring to it as the KOLT RAYNOR PROJECT (as in the protagonist of the books). I will keep you up to speed and will certainly advise you when a charity has been determined. In the interim, rest assured that one dollar from each 'LIKE' on each of those forms of publication will go to the selected charity. DR

Original article:

The support for Wounded Warrior Project provided by author Dalton Fury (I reported on it yesterday) has been changed to a charity "To Be Determined". I checked in with him yesterday evening and he advised that upon further research into WWP he could no longer support them. "[I am] simply not too pleased that WWP won't support fund raising unless you pay them 99 bucks first. Their reviews on are pathetic too. I had no idea, now I know...looking for a different org to help at the moment...[and] the current CEO receives a 200k salary and the former CEO STILL receives 230k according to Charity Navigator..."

So, FYI. The money will still be donated to a worthwhile cause, just not WWP. Note that we're not passing judgement on the charity's work here. However, if a former executive is receiving nearly a quarter of a million dollars, and the current CEO is making $200K a year...that's surely a lot of money for an organization that is allegedly all about the troops. There are going to be administrative costs to any organization of that size, sure...but for myself I'd be interested in an audit of just how much their "administrative costs" really are. If it's all reasonable and on the up and up then what's to worry about?

You be the judge, do your own research, and please don't let it stop you from buying the book.

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