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The Hardest Part of Memorial Day

At first I hesitated about posting something up today. There's little that I could come up with that wouldn't sound trite, banal or expected. Then I decided better. Today is Memorial Day. I don't need to tell most of you that does not mean 'grab the charcoal and burgers' day. It's easy to hit like on Facebook or post a patriotic picture. Harder to do something constructive in the memory of our fallen and sometimes the hardest part of the day is the MEMORIAL part of Memorial Day. I talked to Mike about it. He felt the same way. So, here are four men we remember today. We invite all of you, if you are so inclined, to post the name or names of anyone who should also be remembered, a picture (if you can figure out how: I have no idea) and whatever you might want to say to them or their families.

Rest in peace, fellas. No words of ours suffice so we're not going to try.

Dave and Mike

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