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The Difference: Sage Dynamics


Excerpted from this morning's BOLO Report about The Difference t-shirt and their Rifles for Warriors program:

We run towards the sound of gunfire.

This is what SD has to say about Rifles for Warriors:

"Rifles for Warriors is an in-house thing. The selection process will be totally under the radar but we will announce each donation. After the last rifle we have decided its much easier to purchase a whole rifle as opposed to do it by parts, so we're giving away S&W M&P 15s. We're a big fan of the M&P 15. its the best rifle for the price.Our goal is to donate an AR-15 rifle each month to a disadvantaged Soldier/LEO that has or is facing medically connected retirement. We know sheepdogs cant stand guard forever and often when they are forced to end their watch; financial situations arise that prevent them from owning a rifle. A sheepdog should never be unarmed. To support this, we are now offering "The Difference" limited edition Sage Dynamics T-Shirt. A portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold will go to support Rifle For Warriors..."

Read the story in its entirety.

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