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Defilade - noun - 1) The arrangement of defensive fortifications to protect against enemy fire 2) To shield from enemy fire or observation by using natural or artificial obstacles.

I met up with the owner-operator-pilot behind MADCAT Aviator-Operator at the Border Patrol SOG Conference recently. Note: I don't count helo pilots as zipper-suited sun gods, personally. He was okay. Anyway, he showed me around some of his gear, including this Defilade pack made for MADCAT by Fight and Flight Tactical. I'll let him explain it. I apologize for the bad video quality. My camera went bosoms up so I did it all with my phone.


The pack has undergone some evolutionary changes since first conceived, including:

* Changed ITW Surface Mount Buckles to ITW QA Surface Mount Buckles * Adjusted deployment loop size and position for better ergonomics * Reinforced shoulder strap upper connection * Lengthened sternum strap to facilitate the use of The Defilade as an improvised plate carrier * Increased tailgate loop Velcro size to 2"x6" for standard size LEO patches

Purchase your Defilade at

Check out MADCAT ( and Fight and Flight (, they're good folks. Even if one of them does where a zippered nomex suit.

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