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Sunday Funny: G1 Tactical Tourette's Syndrome


So we're clear, I'm not posting this because the video itself is funny (though I really like some of the slow-motion scenes and the Japanese yakuza gunman with the ponytail). I'm throwing it out as a Sunday Funny because of the commentary this demo and others like it invariably stir up. When tactical professionals watch G1 Tactical videos its like they suddenly get Tourette's Syndrome. Some are aghast at what they see. Others will say, "Finally someone else gets it!" In this one, things will really get rowdy about 4:40.


The opening and closing artwork, while cool and stylized, might be a little overdone...though in fairness if I could have Alex Ross or Frank Frazetta do a portrait of me for my own website, I would.

To reiterate - I'm not belittling this guy's skill, nor any of his instructors. I'm not passing judgment on any of it. I just know the ruckus it engenders will be entertaining. For me, and maybe it's foolish, I'd cover such a class...though some of the drills from this and his other videos are just a bit too extreme for me. You fight like you train and I'd be hard pressed to come up with a reason I might have to do them.

Here's an explanation of their instructor background: There is contact information on their site if you're interested in attending a course.

If I can get Ward Carroll and Matt Cox to spring for air fare to Hong Kong or the P-I I'll let you know how things look in person. You'll easily be able to tell who I am in the pictures. I'll be the one in heavy vest and helmet, wrapped in a ballistic blanket cowering watching with a periscope from behind a body bunker.

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