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Scott Waugh: Act of Valor and his genuine admiration for the military family


Under the Radar gots 'em a pretty kewl interview up for the watching. It's with Scott Waugh, questions asked by Ward Carroll (Chief Editor at and former Navy zipper-suited sun god). It took place at the recent MilBlog Conference in DC. Scott Waugh's the dude who directed the movie Act of Valor, if you remember. What you may not know is he's a former stunt man, comes across as a down to earth blue collar type, grounded in reality guy that is NOT a douche (we say that cuz most people from Hollywood are douches). There are fans of the movie and detractors, but if you don't like Scott...well, you're probably either an assclown or a hippie (or both). We're the Mad Duo, and if we say is so.

The interview is on Under the Radar, and it's worth watching. We'll be talking about the novelization of the movie, our interview with Scott and some of his upcoming projects in a future article.

Our review of the movie is here.

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