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SAR Global Tools vs. Narcos


The SASS/c Signaling Device, from SAR Global Tools. The Duo have reviewed it before and it was included in our list of Tactical Must-Haves for 2011. BOLO Report ran a letter from a counter-drug Federali whose life was saved by one:

"...After a few minutes we started taking fire from a nearby hill, what started out as a single shooter turned in to a fire storm after the 6 other narco guys that were grading the camp joined in. My 5 man team had to split up, with 3 of guys trying to flank the enemy’s position. During the fire fight we hit a fuel drum that caught fire. The whole valley went up in flames and in the confusion I got separated from my team. The fire spread fast. I had to make a run to a nearby canyon to take cover from the fire and the bullets that were still flying. I soon realized that more narco guys were coming in to the fight from the nearby hills—it wasn’t the only narco camp up there—so I went for my radio to warn the other members of my group. It was then that I realized that I had lost it during my dash down the hill side..."

Read the original article on BOLO Report.

Watch the SAR Global Tool video on the Eclipse.

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