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M4 Stock for your Glock


I'm not saying I'd go out and buy one of these myself. I'm not making an argument for or against them. I do think, though, that sometimes our demographic gets wound a little too tight, and gets sidetracked into talking about 'tactical practicality' on every product that comes down the pike...and that sometimes what looks imminently impractical might actually be spot on. In any case, I am honest enough to admit if one showed up on my desk over the Father's Day Weekend I would go out and play with it. I might even make ninja noises or do slow motion Matrix moves while I do, without a reflective belt.


For the inevitable and overreactionary, I say to thee: no one is planning on issuing these to every 11B and 03 headed out the door, or asserting it will immediately make you a Tier 3/4 operator (those are even better than Tier 1 and way better than Tier 3).

It just is what it is.

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