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Kill Cliff and RE Factor Challenge


First, congratulations to one of our team of handlers. He has been medically retired as a Gunny from the United States Marine Corps after 18 years of service and a lengthy period with the Wounded Warrior BN at BAMC. Good luck as you go forward brother! No doubt everything you've learned about killing people and breaking things will of great use in the post-grunt world...heh heh.

Now, on to the contest.

It's no secret we like what we hear about Kill Cliff (just ordered some to try out on the recommendation of 1:1 doorkickers) and RE Factor Tactical. So, we figured we'd pass along this latest contest. You've still got a couple days to enter if you feel like you've got it in you. (Grunts: no jokes there, we know what you're thinking.)


The winner will get a free case of Kill Cliff, which should help recover from a weekend liberty or help you rehydrate quick for PT if Doc's not around to stick ya with an IV.

"To enter go to the range and set up a video camera. Set up a can of Kill Cliff or similar size 15yards from the shooter. Using a shot clock draw from the holster and shoot the can of Kill Cliff using 1 pistol round. Go to and post your video. At noon MST on 7 May 2012 Kill Cliff will take the video with the fastest draw time and announce them the winner. There can only be one winner for this contest! Don't be stupid and shoot yourself during the making of the video. Only one video per user. Don't forget to test positive for awesome." For more information visit or

Also, if we may be so bold, we finally set up a Facebook page for our own rather infrequent blog. Got over 800 likes in the first 24 hours, which we're quite proud of...but then, we've always had a pretty perspicacious fan base. Except for the grunts of course, but that's to be expected. (Grunts: perspicacious.)

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