Israel's Newest UZI Sub Machine Gun


Israel Weapon Industries recently released new video of its UZI PRO SMG. It's based on the classic UZI design introduced more than 50 years ago, but it's equipped with modern features and materials.

The UZI PRO, released last fall, still fires 9mm ammunition from the closed bolt and uses the same blow-back operating system as the original design. The PRO's lower receiver, however, is polymer to reduce weight and is styled after the TAVOR assault-rifle family. The PRO also features a side-mounted charging handle to allow for a rail assembly on top of the weapon.

The PRO weighs 4.4 pounds unloaded and sports a 6-inch barrel. It's 21 inches long with stock fully extended and just under 12 inches in its most compact form. The PRO uses a 25-round magazine and can be fired in semi-auto and full-auto mode. Its max rate of fire is 1050 rounds per minute.  I still haven't been able to find its max rate of fire.

While overshadowed by designs such as the HK MP5 and MP7, the original UZI SMG remains popular with about 10 million copies used in 90 countries.

IWI released its promotional video on the UZI PRO on May 14. It's a little over-the-top, but still pretty cool. Fast-forward to the 50-second mark for the live-fire water test.  It also includes footage on IWI's MICRO UZI.


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