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RE Factor Tactical Operator "Survival Band"


The RE Factor Tactical Operator "survival" bracelet is available on the RE Factor store now. It is billed as the band designed "to fit the mission needs of Special Operations Personnel" and allow them to have "survival essential at all time". However, it is probably something that's just as useful to Boy Scouts and ESAR professionals as it is SOF troops (which is meant as a compliment).

The Tactical Operator Band was developed by a Green Beret SERE Level C graduate and is made in the USA by a US Army combat veteran. It has a removable P51 can opener and flint rod (which can be used without damaging the remainder of the band); the flint can be used as a sink weight for the hook and line.

The bracelet is built of 12' of 550 (Para-) cord and features 30' of 80lb fishing line, a #8 fishing hook and a handcuff key.

Rumors of det cord woven in the bracelet, a blasting cap hidden underneath the P51 and a little bottle of spermicide hidden under the buckle are probably apocryphal and have nothing to do with the strange events reported near Simmons Army Airfield the night of St. Patrick's Day.

You can purchase the Tactical Operator Bracelet from RE Factor Tactical here: Check them out on Facebook at join us on our own Facebook page,

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