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Face Ghillies for Warfighters...


...are called beards. As you all know, beards have been proven to make warriors more combat effective. They also make you look more like special forces.

Plus they're just awesome. Big and bushy is better (on a dude carrying a weapon, mind you, not...well, you know.)

Now the Tactical Beard Owner Club has subdued patches available.

They're  brown and black patches are in stock (white and blonde are sold out). You can now order Khaki, Olive, Coyote and SWAT.

Here is information on how to order, straight from the beard's bush (not hat kind of bush):

SIERRA313 is the shop which will handle all the ordering and shipping. Please note, that international buyers don't have to pay German taxes, so they will be excluded in the total. Shipping costs: Within Germany it will be 2,- Euros. Rest of the World: 4,- Euros (if the envelope is much more than 500 grams due to quantity the shipping costs will rise). ORDERING PROCESS VIA EMAIL ONLY (at least the first 100 pieces):

  1. Write an email to
  2. Include type of patch and the quantity you want
  3. Include your Facebook name to get authorized
  4. Provide your paypal email address
  6. The shop sends you an invoice with the total including shipping
  7. You pay
  8. You will get the patches
Thank you guys for the support! And thanks also go to SIERRA313 that helped me to make it come true.

Mike Hartmann - Founder of the TBOC

SIERRA-313 Onlineshop - TBOC

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