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Extended Range Operator Pack: Initial Contact Review (Part 2 of 2)


Continued from Saturday...Read Part 1 here if you missed it.

Today I'll pick up where I left off Saturday, talking about the other features of the pack (which are impressive).

Inside the main compartment are five zippered mesh pockets and one solid pocket for smaller items. The very bottom of the pack has a sewn-in orange panel to aid in finding items in low light conditions. Unlike with a traditional ruck, where you’d have to dump out the entire contents in search of that one piece of gear only you have that your increasingly annoyed, in desperate need of a Copenhagen fix Squad Leader suddenly needs (not that that has ever happened to me, of course), thankfully the Extended Range Operator Pack allows access to the main compartment through a large zipper closure that can be opened from the top or from the sides. On top is an external zippered pocket that’s ideal for accessing quickly needed items. A length of shock cord with a fastener is routed though the MOLLE /PALS loops on the top pocket, which allows you to quickly secure light weight clothing. Directly below that is a small pouch with a sewn in VS-17 style panel that can be unrolled down the entire length of the pack and secured to the PALS loops with plastic tabs for signaling or road marches. No more PT belts wrapped around my ruck for this Joe!

Side access to the main compartment means a happy squad leader.

Two half pockets  located on the sides near the bottom of the pack with two compression straps above would make storing long objects like tripods and spare barrels ideal for those serving as assistant gunners.  On the reverse side of the main compartment is an integrated hydration pocket capable of taking a 100oz bladder. The drink tube is routed through a hidden port and secured to the shoulder strap with a plastic fastener and shock cord retention device. The outside is covered with rows of PALS loops to attach external pockets, a name tape length strip of hook and loop tape, and four compression straps with two on the bottom and two to a side.

Side access to the main compartment means a happy squad leader.

Signal panel storage.

Panel fully deployed and secured.

For me, the Extended Range Operator Pack might just be the ultimate ruck for military and civilian use.  That being said, I don’t think it’s jumpable but I could be wrong since the last time I was on jump status was 1995. I’ll leave that for you Airborne, Ranger, and SF cats to decide. I am looking forward to getting out in the woods with this thing to see how it performs over extended periods of time.  Who knows, maybe I’ll just take off into the mountains, find me an orphan boy that doesn’t talk, an Indian wife, build a cabin and trap beaver all because of a box from Tactical Tailor.

The Extended Range Operator Pack comes in 5 colors (Ranger Green, ACU, Coyote Brown, MultiCam and OD) and retails for $372, currently on sale for $298. The Extended Range Operator Pack is available here.

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