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CTOMS is the new Crye Distributor in Canada


Attention Canucks (and anyone north of the 45th Parallel North.) Crye Precision has officially designated CTOMS™ as its official associate and distributor for all the sere and brumal wilds of Canada. (Grunts: sere and brumal.) You can check out the Crye Associate page here. CTOMS advises that they've had a huge demand for Crye Precision products over the last year, and that demand is increasing. All of the Crye products carried on CTOMS can be viewed on their Tactical Clothing & PPE page. A complete list of Crye Precision products is available at

Those of you living in Washington, Wyoming and North Dakota should be aware that you don't actually live in Canada, it just feels that way sometimes. Check CTOMS out on Facebook at














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