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Don't forget the Crye 'GunClip'


Crye's "Gun Clip" now availalbe at War Sport LLC.

The Crye Precision GunClip™ is now available at War Sport LLC. I'll be getting one myself (pending approval of the Residential Sergeant Major).

I realize this has been out for about a year now, but somehow I missed it. I figured maybe some of you had too, so I wrote it up. The GunClip™ is a different sort of holster, specifically intended to mount a weapon with accessories like lights, cans and reflex sights - any light or suppressor, on almost any platform, in any orientation.

"I found that Muzzle Down / Weak Side is the best way to mount the GunClip on the Molle, so far," says Joey Boswell of War Sport. " The GunClip can be adjusedt and locked at every 'Clock' setting."

Available right now in black and FDE only, the GunClip™ is currently available for Glock 17, 19, 22 and 23 only. It has a single adjustment to set rotation (360 degrees), is MOLLE compatible and fits belts up to 2".

"If your running Suppressors this is great setup," Joey advises. "In regards to re-holstering it's a little slower than most. This is not a 3-Gun setup for sure. Purely a tactical setup for Glock's with kit."

Get it at War Sport,, or on Crye's hompage at

You might also go look at the review on Military Morons, He's about as good a reviewer as there is in the industry.


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