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ALCON: I got an e-mail over the weekend from a friend on a large State Police tactical unit asking for some input. I thought I'd bounce it off you on here to see what you thought. Dave, I have been tasked with researching breaching kits for our team.  Long story short, in the past we always approached with a ram and halo, but more and more we are finding these rats have fortified the interior of the homes as well [once we get past the initial doors we run into third piece like a metal grate you see across a convenience store in the hood, frequently chained].  We have encountered some metal collapsible gates, many of which we can only breach by cutting off the locks. We use explosive breaching once in a while, but that's not an answer for everything. We also want to add to our 12-gauge breaching option - this would be secondary, even tertiary, but does need consideration. We need to look at stand-off options to add to an 870 shotgun and a good frangible breaching round. We're also going to need a pack that will efficiently carry an 870 with stand-off, a really good heavy duty set of bolt-cutters and suggestions on what the current pulse is in the field on breaching rounds. I have looked at some of the Blackhawk kits, but we really don't need a complete kit, just the bolt cutters and the pack.  My boss asked me research some breaching shotgun options, and since we have several 870 shotguns, I am looking at the below listed standoff device recommended by Blackwater, and then adapting a frangible round for breaching purposes.  We wouldn't use the shotgun as a primary tool, but carry it in the back in case we need it.  Any thoughts, contacts, advice, etc, would be greatly appreciated. -NB

IDF soldiers breach a door during training. (Courtesy of IDF Magazine)

So, we need: Pack suggestion: They've tried an Eberle pack, which they rave about, but it's not built to accept the bolt cutters and other kit. They either need an existing pack or a manufacturer who will suitably modify an extant pack for their use. They'd probably be looking at approximately ten to twelve, one for each team and heavy-truck. Remington 870 breaching stand off accessory suggestions: They have numerous 870s and the brass has made it clear the only option there is to modify a weapon they already have in hand. So far the only one they've looked at is this one, but they want to look at as many options as possible. 12-Gauge Frangible Breaching Rounds (The fugitive team uses some, but they're interested in hearing the experience of others in the field). Heavy duty bolt cutters that are solid and reliable but can be carried in a dedicated pouch in a pack. If you have any suggestions, or have seen anything perform well (or badly) in the field, please advise. DR

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