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Blackheart International Foreign Weapons Course


Soldier Systems Daily has aggregated the serialized course review from their attendance at the Blackheart International Foreign Weapons Course. It makes reading easier and a few things have been updated. Read it here:

On the subject of foreign weapons...I got this picture from Yancey "the Most Interesting Man from Tucson" Harrington, renowned world traveler (well, world traveler anyway), author and HMFIC at Harrington Consulting International.

On the subject of training:

One thing we've kicked around is reviewing some of the more "out in the weeds" training courses, and thought we'd see what our readership had to say about it. For instance, there are a lot of reviews out there about shooting courses from Lamb, Vickers, Costa, Haley, etc. Not as many (or at least not as commonly) do you see something about Howe or Pincus, and even less frequently the sort of "niche" courses, like "Strategies of Low Light Engagements" by Strategos International, "The AK at Kissing Distance" from Sonny Puzikas, or "Vehicle Assaults and Stops" by Scott Reitz. Part of this may be a marketing issue. Part of might be I'm just not paying attention. Certainly I'd like the opportunity to train with everyone I just named.

After you go read the Blackheart International write-up on SSD, come back and let us know if,

1) There's any point to having one of your intrepid correspondents or duly authorized flunkies attend tactical courses, and

2) what those courses might be. (Please offer intelligent and genuine commentary, fellas; responses here could very well sway how the brass views requests to attend training, and they already look at such relatively costly article fodder with a jaundiced eye.)

That's it for now. Go forth and conquer.


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