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Ballistic Surgery: the Adaptive Quick Card


Sniper’s Hide is talking about a new modular data book from Impact Data Books Inc., developed in conjunction with Adaptive Consulting and Training Services. They’re stated goal is to “….bring military, law enforcement, hunters, competitive, and recreational shooters, new and innovative products that will give them the ability to effectively complete their individual goals in a successful manner.

The Adaptive Quick Card (AQC) was adapted from the Field Density Altitude Compensator (FDAC). It was designed to be user friendly and intuitive. IDB advises it is an accurate tool for estimating density altitude and long range firing solution calculation for several different calibers, muzzle velocities and bullet types; it’s intended to simplify the process of calculating a firing solution in the field without additional devices. (The FDAC is a separate deal, “completely conceived, designed and validated by a team of Marine Scout Snipers”.)

They advise the ACQ is extremely accurate, and that all of its firing solutions were generated “…using the extremely accurate G7 drag model, utilizing G7 ballistic coefficients...” Each page is designed specifically for a bullet and velocity, and the Density Altitude Estimation Table is on the back of each card. The current AQCs are only the first of a long series they plan on producing. For more information, check Impact Data Books Inc.

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