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B5 Systems: SOPMOD and SOPMOD Bravo


We ran an article recently about B5 Systems, and despite good intentions we got part of our information wrong. Part of this is because we were hung over. Part of it may be the lingering after-effects of Slim having his bore punched.  We’re here to correct that article and fill you in on the most recent developments.

So here’s the deal. Many of you have probably run a SOPMOD stock on your weapon over in Asscrackistan or similar location. It’s a pretty good bet that you really liked it if you did (we’re referring to the popular Enhanced SOPMOD, NSN 1005-01-544-9825). B5 Systems are about to release a newer civilian version of that stock, and are updating both it and the original with some new features.

SOPMOD stock seen in recent Disruptive Environment exercise in NYC. Photography by Jon Chang/Haley Strategic.

The new model of SOPMOD is the Bravo. The main difference with the Bravo stock is that it is somewhat lighter and has a slightly shorter build (approximately ¾”) with a slight taper on the butt stock itself and will not have the battery storage capacity. It will maintain the same cheek weld users have demonstratably preferred, will be built of the same materials of the MILSPEC version and will be less expensive. Both ‘civilian’ models will have an imprinted textured finish and the QD (the issue version has neither QD nor texture).

There are SOPMODs in MC, A-TACS, Tacticool Black, Flat Dark Earth and any others with sufficient demand.

There are a couple of different upgrades in the works. The primary one is going to be the anti-rotational quick disconnect sling swivel. It’s simple, but as Mark Keller of B5 Systems says, “Simple works.” (Note: this was over the phone. He wasn’t with Slim at the doctor’s office.)

The advantage of the anti-rotational QD is almost self-explanatory. When you transition to your secondary and the weapon goes free, it limits the rotational movement of your weapon so it doesn’t just go limp d!c& and start banging on your legs as you move. This is going to be of benefit whether you’re transitioning or slinging it out of the way to clear work space and lay hands on somebody (or render medical aid). It’s also going to help weapon retention.

The second development is a newly redesigned latch, an improved version of the pure MILSPEC latch on there currently. That’s the extent of the information we have on the latch currently, since it’s still being finalized. They anticipate the new latch will be available sometime later in the summer, possibly mid-July or a little later.

What this boils down to is that you’ll be able to buy a commercial version of the SOPMOD you enjoyed OCONUS, it’ll just be improved. Ultimately they’ll all have the anti-rotational QD, an improved latch, a textured surface, color-matched hardware (of every color, from MultiCam to FDE), though if there is a continued demand for a standard quick-disconnect they will continue to build them.

B5 Systems is on line at; they’re also on Facebook, Check ‘em out. Tell ‘em Swingin’ Dick and Slim sent you.

Oh, and if you haven’t already tried one, or your unit doesn’t have ‘em? Tell the S4 if he doesn’t get you some he’s a dirty hippie. Again, that NSN is 1005-01-544-9825.

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