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An auction for a friend from Ernest R. Emerson


Dear Friends,

As many of you know our dear friend, Derek Russell passed away on Tuesday, May 15th after a courageous battle against an unrelenting opponent, cancer. Derek was one of the strongest, toughest men I have ever known; but as a friend, I also knew him as a man of great humor, a gifted guitarist, a man of scholarly intellect, lover of animals and a gentle giant capable of great compassion. He was a real world shooter and a veteran of Naval Special Warfare training. For all of these reasons, I would have gone through any door, any time and any place no matter who was on the other side, if Derek Russell were covering my six. Please bid enthusiastically for this special "skulled" Commander as all of the money will be going to Derek's wife in this time of need. Be generous in memory of Derek. I will miss you forever Derek, my Brother - my friend.

Thank you,

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