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Tactical Tailor's Competition Shooters Bag


Tactical Tailor has a range bag we didn't know about until last week. They call it the Competition Shooter's Bag. Though somewhat unprepossessing from the outside (grunts: unprepossessing), we really like it. Pretty sure you will too, if you check it out. The interior is pretty good sized (22" x 8.5" x 9") with plenty of room for boxes of ammunition, cleaning kit, extra magazines, a case of magnum condoms and whatever other useful thingamawhatsits you might need on the range.

Kit Up! Checking out the Competition Shooter's Bag right there where they're sewn.

The Competition Shooter's Bag has a number of pockets on the inside, outside and top, with a couple of adjustable dividers and several elastic loops. There's a Velcro lined gun rug (we've got a couple of Velcro backed mag pouches and a holster set inside it). The main part of the bag is well padded, but the padding is removable if you don't need it or want to free up some space. It's 1,000 denier Cordura with a padded shoulder strap and beefy zippers.


Tactical Tailor says it will carry everything you need for a range day, and that's probably true depending on what you're doing. We're more the use-a-big-wheeled-toolbox-and-keep-a-smaller-bag-to-run-back-and-forth types ourselves. Anyone else do that?

The Competition Shooter's Bag comes in black, coy & black and coyote; it has a LOT of space. Plenty for two doorkickin' action figures, all their gear and some hotties as well.

Currently available in black, coyote and - you guessed it - coyote and black.

For more information, check it out at:

We found the following video and figured we'd throw it in since we're too lazy to make our own, especially without any single dancing moms available to make it look better (maybe when we do a follow-up review). You might consider skipping straight to 00:22, everything before that is just  intro stuff. You can mute it and not miss much either. Just sayin'.


Review to follow. Mad Duo clear.

Kit Up! The Mad Duo and a TacTailor Competition Shooter's Bag at JBLM.


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