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Sunday Funny: Ultimate CQB Night Ops Weapon


HoTac Night Ops Edition; Two is one, one is none. Real world weapons designed for real world operations with real world experience.

The only thing I don't like about it is the lack of threads on the barrel. Everyone knows a can is important during night operations, especially on an 8-shot revolver.

The heavy caliber and accessories of the HoTac Limited Edition Night Ops Weapon System allows limited visibility engagement of any potential threat, from armed and barricaded gunman to a breaking and entering suspect rhino off his meds. There is apparently a variant available to properly vetted personnel that includes a folding bayonet and green laser. HoTac is also considering a variation of the holster to accommodate the revolver with bipod (since you never know when you'll need to deploy a concealed carry sniper system). RUMINT has it that a side mounted single-shot 12-gauge or perhaps even 37mm tube is being considered for less lethal or NFDD delivery. Note also consideration of an infrared filter on the flashlight.

Further testing made it clear the ankle hoster was a better choice for this particular weapon.

Weapon designed by HoTac with assistance of Chris Costa, Airborne Willie, SMGLee and Ning the Merciless. Holster by Off the Grid. Additional testing and evaluation from the Tier 3.5 shooters of Spartan Imports.


You might think I'm posting this because the weapon is funny - and you'd be partly right. The Ho-Tac Night Ops weapon is funny as hell. I'm really posting it for all the people that got high and mighty about it. When this first went up on Facebook, lots of folks Got It. They realized it's a self-deprecating nod to the overdone, overly serious mall ninja crowd. LOTS of them did not, however. If you get on there and look at the original thread, there are any number of people who looked at it and became indignant, incensed or just generally butt-hurt about it. That's why this is truly a Sunday Funny.

Items in holster may be larger than they appear.

You watch...there's a good chance someone will post something stupid on here, believing this is intended to be taken seriously. To you I say simply, with all the kindness and pity in my heart...seriously? Don't be an assclown.

Ho-Tac Tactical: for guys who want to shoot gooder.

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