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Sunday Funny: Energy Drinks That Kill


Thanks to Mike for giving David this Sunday off. KU6

Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, “An army marches on its stomach.”   While that is true, sometimes simple food is not enough.  When I first joined the U.S. Army, we supplemented ourselves with coffee, tobacco in any and all forms, Mountain Dew, and later, Jolt Cola. These days there are a variety of energy drinks on the market but one that was always available to us in Iraq was Red Bull.  Every HUMVEE in our company had an ice chest in it and every ice chest was stocked with frozen water bottles and Red Bulls prior to every mission. Cans of the drink were part of our unofficial packing list.  These Marines seem to adhere to the same policy and furthermore heartily endorse the product in the way that only combat Marines can. It may not be the type of endorsement the people at Red Bull want or like, but they have it.  * A note on language.  As I said these are combat Marines, the bloody infantry, and their language is rough just like their lives. I wouldn’t my grunts to talk any other way.*


*“Before I go kill terrorists, I drink a little Red Bull. I look through my ACOG scope, and I shoot them in the neck. There is nothing better.”  Translation of Spanish speaking Marine by my buddy Doc. I couldn’t find anyone that speaks French.

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